Deploy your TensorFlow models to mobile instantly

Pallet turns your computer vision models into shareable apps so you can quickly make real-world predictions and spend more time on model improvements than on hosting & deployment.

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A shareable smart app in seconds

You've already spent time building and training your model. Skip the hosting, scaling, and boilerplate integrations:

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    1. Upload your model
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    2. Choose preprocessing options
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    3. Start making real-world predictions

Bring your own model

Pallet works with any image classification model made with TensorFlow.

Develop the model manually , or use an AutoML tool like Lobe, Google Cloud Vision, or Teachable Machine.

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Drag & drop deployment

Just drop your TensorFlow Lite model into the web console to deploy it.

Pallet takes care of hosting and serving your model through a mobile app - no code necessary.

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Tune inference settings

Pallet automatically detects the shape and type of your model to create a preprocessing pipeline.

Easily customize this pipeline with resizing, inversion, grayscaling, and other operations to suit your model and maximize accuracy.

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Instant predictions

Immediately use your model to make predictions in real-time or save predictions for later review.

With on-device inference, you can evaluate your model with zero latency, while keeping your data private & secure.

Quickly learn how your model performs in the wild, running on a CPU, GPU, or with the Neural Network API.

Instantly use crocus 556.hb.1

Share with one tap

Send your model to any number of friends and colleagues in just one tap. 

A unique link is generated for each model that you deploy and opens directly to your model when activated.

Scan the QR code to try FlowerNet now →

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Model Gallery

Access dozens of machine learning models, anytime, in one place right on your phone.

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Start exploring

Scan a QR code to start making predictions with Pallet now.
(Try it on Android)

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Mobile-First Machine Learning

Pallet gives your image classification models a usable, shareable interface in seconds.

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    On-device inference keeps your data private & secure.

  • Fast 1

    Evaluate your models with zero latency.

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    Make predictions in real-time, or save predictions for later review.

  • Preprocess 10

    Tune preprocessing options to maximize accuracy.

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    Unlimited Updates

    Push unlimited updates. Public models see the latest version instantly.

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    Unlimited Users

    Share your model with any number of friends and colleagues in one tap.

Simple Pricing

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  • Free

    For beginners, hobbyists, and learners
    / mo
    • ✓
      3 Models
    • ✓
      15 MB per model
    • ✓
      Share models w/ a link
    • ✓
      Unlimited Users
    • ✓
      Android (iOS Coming Soon)
    • ✓
      Email Support
  • Pro

    For engineers & data scientists that want a bit more room to work
    / mo
    Includes everything in Free
    • ✓
      Unlimited Models
    • ✓
      100 MB per model
    • ✓
      500 MB capacity
    • ✓
      Unlimited Predictions
    • ✓
      Premium Support
  • Business

    Seeking custom or white-labeled solutions
    Includes everything in Pro
    • ✓
      10+ GB Storage
    • ✓
      No limit per model
    • ✓
    • ✓
      Custom Integrations
    • ✓
      Web, Mobile, Edge
    • ✓
      Custom Branded UI
    • ✓
      Universal Support

Get Started

Get started deploying models with Pallet in minutes, or download the app and check out the Explore guide to see everything you can do.

Stay Up to Date

Stay up to date with the latest features and get notified when Pallet launches on more platforms:

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  • Lifetime acess

    Deploy and share your models between mobile phones with our unique, no-code tool PalletML

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